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Studium Biologie For lecturers

Lecture recordings and webinars


Student's benefit:

  • Self guided learning / self organised learning
  • Time- and location independent learning
  • Stop and play functionality 
  • Revision
  • Exam preparation

Teaching enrichment:

  • Increasing the learning quality – classes with more than 200 students
  • Ensuring of the room conditions (relief of mass gatherings)
  • Knowledge transfer to a broader audience (symposiums)
  • Reusable Learning Object or references (teacher's E-Portfolio)


Teaching and learning methods:

  • Flipped Classroom (didactic lectures are moved online using a desktop recording and the class time spent on student centred learning activities)

Courses (didactica UZH | ETHZ)
Key elements of the Flipped Classroom



UZH-lecture halls which are suitable for lecture recordings

Proceeding (or contact your E-Learning Coordinator)


Virtual lecture or conference

Students have the possibility either to watch a lecture at home or join the lecture in the lecture hall. Especially, in big classes where an additional lecture hall is needed due to the amount of students, it is an obvious approach to offer the students the lecture virtually via broadcast (e.g. lecture recording, podcast).

Recording lectures on a multimedia basis with SWITCHcast hardly costs the lecturers any additional effort. The hardware and software, together with an efficient support, are all provided by SWITCH, the Audio-Video Service UZH and the E-Learning Coordinator who is responsible for your Department and will initiate the proceeding. The students then can follow the published virtual online lecture or if enabled as a downloaded resource on their personal mobile device - as often and as long as they want or need to.

Where can you record your lecture at Irchel


Recordings are possible in:

Y03-G-85, Y03-G-91, Y03-G-95, Y04-G-30, Y15-G-19, Y15-G-20, Y15-G-40, Y15-G-60, Y16-G-05, Y16-G-15, Y24-G-45, Y24-G-55, Y35-F-32, Y35-F-51

Application form

Editing and publication of your recordings 


Zoom webinars are possible in:

Y04-G-30, Y24-G-45, Y42-K-88, Y10-G-04, Y14-F-21, Y14-F-41/F-55, Y15-G-19, Y15-G-20, Y15-G-40, Y15-G-60, Y17-H-05, Y24-G-55, Y35-F-32, Y44-G-05/09/13 (presentation and sound of the presenter, chat channel of the students)


Important: Lectures with more than 300 students need a special zoom license. Please, send your request as early as possible. Zoom


If you need a zoom webinar in a different lecture hall, then send an e-mail to

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