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Screen recording

Student's benefit:

  • The students are able to learn from remote time- and location-independent
  • Screencasts allow students to move at their own pace since they can pause content anytime and anywhere
  • Screencasts are excellent for those learners who need both an oral as well as a visual explanation of the content presented

Teaching enrichment:

  • In classrooms, lecturers and students can use this tool to create videos to explain content
  • Video can make class time more productive for both teachers and students
  • Screencast may increases students engagement and achievement
  • Screencast provides more time in which students can work collaboratively in groups and helps them to think through cooperative learning

The resulted instructional material can be uploaded on SWITCHtube or even embedded in a Learning Management System such as Open edX or  OLAT.

Teaching and learning methods:

  • Flipped Classroom (didactic lectures are moved online using a desktop recording and the class time spent on student centred learning activities)
  • Video tutorials for the lecture
  • Introduction to a course
  • Mini lecture on a specific topic
  • Alternative to lecture recordings when your teaching space is not fitted with equipment to record lectures
  • Students record video and audio as they demonstrate a procedure

A Screen Recording is a digital recording of a computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration. 

Lecturers may choose to record complete courses and make them available to all the attendees for future reference or depending on the teaching scenario even lecture replacement.

This strategy of recording courses is already widely used. Computer-related courses need high quality and easily readable recordings of screen contents.




MAC & Windows  


Education License CHF 180.-:
If your screen recording project needs a full-featured tool, you may want to consider a premium screen recording software tool. You will find a full set of editing and special effect features including the ability to draw on the screen, do annotations, blur, add captions, and more.

Screen Recorder

The Screen Recorder is part of a suite of apps for Mac and Windows. This screen recorder app lets you take screenshots or videos quickly and easily. You can even add text as you record. It is advisable to use the Pro version.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio supports both streaming and recording in high definition, with no restriction on the number or length of your creations. Free.


If you want to record a presentation, software demonstration or tutorial, give Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder a try. It is a browser-based tool.

QuickTime Player

(recommended - free)

QuickTime Player comes installed on your Mac – so you probably already have it. It does have some basic recording abilities. It even has some limited editing capabilities, or you can use iMovie (Mac) / Movavi (Windows) to edit it.

filmora scrn

This software lets you record from your computer and webcam at the same time together with sound.

Acrobat Presenter 

Acrobat Presenter allows you to underlay narration of your PowerPoint-Presentation. This presentation can be published on OLAT or SWITCHtube for a larger audience.



It includes many screen capture features such as editing and annotation capabilities. It is both, a screen capture and a recording software.


ActivePresenter is a Mac screen recorder that bills itself as an all-in-one tool. The free edition lets you record your screen as a full-motion video, complete with audio. You'll also have access to a range of annotations such as shapes, zoom-n-pan, closed caption, and more. However, it'll add a watermark to non-supported file formats. To get rid of the watermark, you will need to upgrade to one of the premium versions.


ScreenFlow gives you the capability to create high-quality screen recordings, making it the professional choice of Mac screen recording software for educators. It has professional editing options such as the ability to do annotations, blur, add captions, and more. One cool feature is the ability to zoom into a focal point on your screen. Plus, you can switch between a webcam recording and a screen capture. 


(recommended $35 US)

Screenflick is a macOS app focused on the core essentials of screen recording: providing the highest quality screen and audio capture, and delivering the key tools needed to communicate your screen experience to viewers.


  • Include the whole screen, a section, or a specific window
  • Have a fixed space, or have the view follow your mouse
  • Include system audio, your Mac's microphone, or external mic
  • Record a webcam at the same time to overlay on the video
  • Create time-lapse screen recordings of long projects
  • Delay the start to get yourself ready
  • Use a timer to automatically stop recording


  • Export to multiple sizes, frame rates, formats whenever needed
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS, AppleTV, Windows, web browsers
  • Add overlays of keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Trim excess beginning and ending frames
  • Add watermarks and meta data for title and description
  • Run Quick Text exports to verify settings works as expected
  • Save presets for export settings to use them again

FlashBack Pro

It is not free, but if you want to record footage from your screen for use in presentations and SWITCHtube videos, FlashBack Pro is the best tool for the job. It includes a full non-linear video editing suite, so there's no need to move files between different programs. 

FlashBack Express

You can record from your whole screen, a window, a selected area, or a webcam. Once you have finished, your recording will appear in a simple editor, where you can crop and trim it to suit your needs, then export it on SWITCHtube, an FTP server or your PC.

Debut Video Capture

In addition to basic screen recording (with no time limits or watermarks), Debut Video Capture can also record footage from external devices, including webcams and security cameras. 


Example Screenflick

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