Additional modules "Wahlpflichtgruppe 3"

BIO137    Concepts in Virology
BIO138    Praktikum Mikrobiologie, Immunologie, Virologie
BIO337    Introduction to Neuroscience Grant Writing
BIO338    Introduction to Scientific Writing
BIO349    Behavioral Endocrinology
BIO350    Eco-Physiology
BIO359   Video als Hilfsmittel in der Ethologie
BIO367   Science Photography
BIO377   Basic Quantitative Methods
BIO395    Concepts in Evolutionary Biology
BIO412    Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science
BIO414   Surgical Techniques in Small Laboratory Animals
BIO609   Introduction to UNIX/Linux and Bash Scripting
BIO610   Next-Generation Sequencing for Model and Non-Model Species
BIO617   Principles of Biosafety in Medical and Biological Research
BIO629    Comprehensive course in flow cytometry
BIO632    Introductory course in flow cytometry
BIO634    Next-Generation Sequencing 2 – Advanced Course: Transcriptomes, Variant Calling and Biological Interpretation
BIO636    Cutting Edge Topics: Immunology and Infection Biology
BIO637    Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics -from theory to practice
BIO638    Next Generation Sequencing applied to Metagenomics
BIO684    Translational Medicine: Infection and Immunity
BIO693    The Right Not to Know
BIO708   Viral Vector-Mediated Gene-Therapy - from Infectious Pathogens to Safe Medical Applications
BIO714   Key Literature in Plant Evolution
BME410   Scientific Writing and Publishing
CHE324    Chemistry of Metals in Life Processes
CHE717    Perspectives in Forensic Sciences
NEU0M004    EEG-Felder und Hirnfunktionen
DOEC0566     Computational Psychiatry