Block courses UZH fall semester

(core elective modules - "Wahlpflichtgruppe 2")

You will find the content, time, venue, type of learning outcome examination, and the participating lecturers for the individual block courses in the annotated course catalog. 

Block courses fall semester (optional core modules)
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 Allocation publication: 3. September 2020

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4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

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BIO 309
Aquatic Ecology

BIO 323

Modern Genetics and Genomics


Human Behavioural Ecology and Cultural Evolution

BIO 220

Linear Models in R: from LM to GLMM

BIO 351

Principles of Evolution: Theory

BIO 352

Principles of Evolution: Practice

BIO 258

Cancer, Immunotherapy & Inflammation Research

BIO 246

Genome Instability and Molecular Cancer Research

BIO 205

Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics of Humans and other Primates

BIO 208

Morphometric Analysis

BIO 264

Paleobiology and Evolution of Invertebrates

BIO 267

Paleobiology and Evolution of Vertebrates

BIO 226

Introd. to Ecol. Genomic and Molecular Adaptation

BIO 286

Plant Sensing

BIO 299

Veterinary and Wild Animal Parasitology

BIO 282

Methods in Molecular Plant Biology

BIO 227

Biogeography and Biodiversity

BIO 320

Sleep and Wake Regulation

BIO 314

Plant Epigenetics

BIO 310

Insect Reproduction

BIO 230

Cancer Stem/ Propagating Cells

BIO 409

Veterinary Medicine:

Morph. & Pathophysiol.

BIO 321

Microscopy in Cell and Developmental Biology

BIO 322

Cell Biology of Viral Infections

BIO 253

Research Cycle in Genomics

BIO 430



BIO 327

Neuroscience Communication Course

BIO 325

Systems Dynamics in Cell and Dev. Biology

BIO 255

Cancer Epigenetics

BIO 434

Electro-Physiological Recording Techniques

BIO 373

NGS for Evolutionary Functional Genomics

BIO 387

Sociobiology of Communication

BIO 266

Field Work in European Paleontology

BIO 445

Quantitative Life Sciences

BIO 392

Bioinformatics of Mol. Sequence Variations

BIO 397

Applied machine learning

BIO 284

Systemic Microbiology

BME 308

Human Molecular Genetics

BME 307

Microbiomes in Health and Disease


Evolutionary Medicine



BIO 285

Genetic & Epigenetic Control of Plant Development

BME 319

Prospects of Molecular Diagnostics in Pediatrics

BME 310

Research Methods for Human Health & Disease

BME 304 

Vital Functions: Measurements on the Human Body

BIO 294

Bioinformatics for Comparative & Evolutionary Genomics

BME 343

Tissue Engineering of Muscle and Bones

BME 323

Brain Disorders

BME 346

Tissue Engineering of the Skin

BIO 319

Targeting Migration Control in Invasive Brain Tumors


BME 336

Muscle and Bone Bioengineering

BME 347

Space Life Sciences and Gravitational Biology

BIO 372




BME 355

Pain - Mechanisms and Clinical Presentations

BME 303

Diseases of Autonomous Systems




BME 350

Experimental Neuroimaging




1) every second year (even years), 2) every second year (odd years)