Special lectures UZH fall semester

(core elective modules - "Wahlpflichtgruppe 3")

BIO 201   Primate Evolutionary Biology
BIO 213   Sex and Biology
BIO 214  

Of ape men and man apes

BIO 215   Evolution of Human Behaviour
BIO 228   Evolutionary Medicine
BIO 242   Translational cancer research: new technologies, mouse modles and clinical approaches
BIO 243   Epigenetics
BIO 251   Cancer and the immune system
BIO 257    DNA metabolism and Cancer
BIO 271   Illustrations in Natural History
BIO 280   Animal Domestication

BIO 297

  Social behaviour of Bacteria
BIO 302   Genome Evolution and Diversity
BIO 305   Artenkenntnisse der einheimischen Gefässpflanzen: Farne, Gymnospermen, Angiospermen
BIO 308   Introduction to Limnology (Inland water ecosystems)
BIO 331   Frontiers in Animal Behaviour
BIO 332   Cell cycle and cell proliferation
BIO 333    Comparative Physiology and Pharmacology of Sleep
BIO 335   Ornithology
BIO 336   From DNA to Diversity
BIO 343   Neural Systems of Sensory, Motor and Higher Brain Functions
BIO 344   Development of the Nervous System
BIO 345   Wildlife ecology and conservation
BIO 348    Concepts of Modern Genetics
BIO 369    Introduction to Computer Programming and Agent-Based Modelling using R
BIO 371   Ecological Genetics
BIO 386   Sociobiology of Communication I
BIO 390   Introduction to Bioinformatics (formerly BCH401)
BIO 416   Microscopy
BIO 437   Human Adaptation
BIO 438   Methods in Human Bioarcheology
BIO 556   Scientific Writing for Organismal Biologists
BIO 557   Scientific Writing and Experimental Design for the Life Sciences
BIO 615   Virology: Principles of Molecular Biology, Pathogenesis, and Control of Human Viruses
BME 316   Glycolsylation
BME 317   Metabolism and Nutrition
BME 322   Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
BME 324   Basics in human toxicology