Block courses spring semester

(core elective modules - "Wahlpflichtgruppe 2")

Contents of the spring semester block courses (optional core modules)
(courses run from 13:00 Tuesday through to 17:00 Friday) You will find the content, time, venue, type of learning outcome examination, and the participating lecturers for the individual block courses in the annotated course catalogue. 

Block courses spring semester (optional core modules)
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Semester week (calendar week 8-22)

4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

4 weeks
(Tue. 1 pm until Fri. 5 pm)

1. quarter 2. quarter 3.quarter 4. quarter

BIO 324


BIO 326
Experimental Developmental Biology

BIO 328

BIO 329

BIO 244
Signal transduction and cancer

BIO 221

Flowers and Pollinators

BIO 209
Discovering Statistics using R

BIO 211
Primate Behavior - Empirical Research

BIO 248
Functional Assessment of Human Spinal Cord Injury

BIO 245

Cell Signalling

BIO 265
Evolution and paleobiology of plants

BIO 283
Molecular Plant Biochemistry

BIO 292

Human and Veterinary Medical Bacteriology

BIO 247
Cellular Response to Genotoxic Stress

BIO 291
Evolutionary Microbiology

BIO 334
Practical Bioinformatics

BIO 311

Population Ecology

BIO 268
Paleontological Field Work

BIO 317

Advanced Methods for Genomic and Cellular Manipulation

BIO 363
Diversität der Wirbeltiere


Practical Microscopy

BIO 288
Mechanisms of Plant Disease Resistance against fungal pathogens

BIO 374

Virology: Biology of Virus Infection and Evolution

BIO 413
Genome Modification in the Mouse


BME 325

Xenobiotic Metabolism - Toxicological Aspects

BIO 290

Aquatic Microbial Ecology

BME 302

Systems Neurobiology

BIO 442
Advanced Evolutionary Medicine

BME 353

Human Brain Activity and the Mind

BIO 365

Ecological Networks

BME 352

Auditory Biomechanics

BME 306

Experimental Human Studies

BME 357

Diseases at the Human Animal Boundary

BIO 431

Cell Death, Inflammation and Immunity

BCH 308

Experimental Biochemistry

BME 328

Prostate Cancer - from bench to bedside

BIO 206

Modelling Cultural Evolution

BME 305

Methods in Exp. and Clinical Pharmacology

BIO 339 

Plant Adaptation

BME 354

Forensic Toxicology

BME 361

Randomized Trials

BME 329

Developing New Medicines - Introduction

BME 360

Regulation of Gene Expression in Cancer

BME 356

Molecular Endocrinology and Mechanism


BME 332

Metabolic Medicine

BIO 293

Genetics meets Epigenetics



BCH 309

Experimentelle Biochemie



                                              Blockkurs during the lecture free time:

BIO 304 Flora of Switzerland (1.-19.6.2020)

BME 351 Biomedical Data Mining (1.-19.6.2020)


1) every second year (even years), 2) every second year (odd years)