Consecutive Master of Science Programs
The consecutive Master's program in Biology allows students to choose one out of 14 concentrations.

«Master of Science in Biology, Animal Behaviour»
«Master of Science in Biology, Anthropology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Cancer Biology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Ecology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Genetics and Development»
«Master of Science in Biology, Immunology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Microbiology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Neurosciences»
«Master of Science in Biology, Paleontology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Plant Sciences»
«Master of Science in Biology, Quantitative Biology and Systems Biology»
«Master of Science in Biology, Systematics and Evolution»
«Master of Science in Biology, Virology»


In addition to the consecutive Master’s program in Biology, students who have obtained a BSc in Biology may also take the consecutive Master’s program in Biomedicine or Biochemistry if specific conditions are fulfilled.

Conditions for consecutive Master program in Biomedicine – successful graduation before the start of the Master program in Biomedicine of: *BME111, BME235, BME236, BME245, BME246 and *BCH202 ("Einführung in die Biomedizin, Physiologie und funktionelle Anatomie I und II, Biomedizin I und II, Biochemie II"). *Actualisation of the Program Regulation ("Studienordnung"): BME111 and BCH202 for students, who started their study in September 2020 or later.

«Master of Science in Biomedicine»

«Master of Science in Biochemistry»

Specialized Master of Science Programs
Students who have obtained a BSc in Biology may also apply to a specialized Master’s program as listed below. Students are required to apply for entry to these programs.

«Master of Science in Quantitative Environmental Sciences»
«Master of Science in Neural Systems and Computation»
«Master of Science in Biostatistics»
«Master of Science in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics»
«Master of Science in Chemical and Molecular Sciences»

Students wishing to take the specialized Master’s degree in Medical Biology (not to be confused with Human Biology) must have a Bachelor or Master degree in Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine.

«Master of Science in Medical Biology»

Master of Science in Life Sciences (Fast Track)
This program is discontinued.