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Studium Biologie For lecturers


Student's benefit:

  • The students are able to learn from remote time- and location-independent
  • Students can pause the content anytime and anywhere

Teaching enrichment:

  • Lecturers can use their PowerPoint presentation in different ways
  • Video can make class time more productive for both teachers and students


The resulted instructional material can be uploaded on SWITCHcast or  SWITCHtube or even embedded in a Learning Management System such as Open edX or  OLAT (see embed your movies in OLAT).

Teaching and learning methods:

  • Flipped Classroom (didactic lectures are moved online using a desktop recording and the class time spent on student centred learning activities)
  • Video tutorials for the lecture
  • Introduction to a course
  • Mini lecture on a specific topic
  • Alternative to lecture recordings when your teaching space is not fitted with equipment to record lectures
  • Students record video and audio as they demonstrate a procedure

Straight forward PPT-presentation recording



Microsoft PowerPoint (MAC & Windows)                                             

When initially signing in on the Office 365 Portal (, you must register a smartphone app or phone number for multi-factor authentication. We recommend to use mobile phones as second factor to support potential home office usage (for additional support: MFA Setup).


It is the individual user’s decision and responsibility to install Office 365 applications for business purposes (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,…). 

  1. Install the newest Microsoft Software (Office 365 from UZH).
  2. Connect a headset or microphone or use the internal microphone of your computer.
  3. Open your PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft.
  4. Go to "Slide Show" -> "Record Slide Show" 
  5. Hold your presentation as usual. If you need a break, just click the "pause-button". You can also use the draw function. You will receive a laser pointer while clicking the option-key (Mac) or control-key (Windows).
  6. Close the presentation modus and choose "File" -> "Export..." (mac) or "Save as" (windows)
  7. Select the export format "mp4" and save your audio-presentation in the movie format.


Further steps see Embed your movies in OLAT



PowerPoint to mp4 movie with spoken narration (mac)

No sound? Please, check the following under System preferences:

  1. Sound
  2. Security&Privacy -> Privacy -> Microphone -> Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint export to mp4 movie (mac)

PowerPoint to mp4 movie with spoken narration (windows)

More information

Save as MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)

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