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UZH Campus Irchel

Most Faculty of Science (MNF) institutes as well as the Dean’s Office and the Office of the Dean of Studies are located on the Irchel campus at Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zurich. The campus is easily accessible by public transport (tram lines 7, 9, 10 and 14).
Map Campus Irchel

The Academic Sports Association (ASVZ) has excellent sports facilities. It offers a large range of sports to students of the University of Zurich free of charge. There is also an exceptionally wide range of sports facilities to be found in the city. In summer, the city’s numerous public swimming pools as well as beach volleyball along the river and lake are especially popular.

At the campus Irchel you have the choice between the canteen and three cafés ("Cafeteria Seerose", "Cafeteria Brunnenhof" and "Cafeteria Atrium"). On the picture you see the relaxed atmosphere of "Cafeteria Atrium" in the middle of the Faculty of Science.

Leisure: There is a vast amount of things you can do in Zurich. Apart from internationally renowned institutions, such as the opera house, the theatre (Schauspielhaus), the concert hall (Tonhalle), and the art museum (Kunsthaus), there is a great variety of smaller venues providing abundant entertainment for each taste. Apart from a large number of bars, night clubs, and discos, there are concerts in former factories, dance performances at the river, art exhibits in secluded galleries; on Mondays, movies and plays are shown at reduced rates in the entire city. Tourism Zurich

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