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Studium Biologie Master Studies


MSc Coordinator of the Master in Ecology

MSc Coordinator of the Animal Behavour Master: Prof. Dr. Arpat Ozgul

Study Coordinator of the MSc in Biology: Dr. Karin Isler



Master of Science in Biology, Ecology


Ecology is about understanding the links among organisms and their biotic and abiotic environment. This MSc degree aims to provide students solid grounding on the theory, scientific basis, analytical methods, and practical applications of modern ecological analysis.

Coping with ever-increasing ecological problems requires knowledge of a variety of scientific disciplines beyond ecology, including evolutionary biology, genetics, mathematics, statistics, and conservation biology. The multidisciplinary approach adopted in this MSc degree will prepare students to conduct rigorous ecological analysis and apply the inferences to improve conservation decision-making.

In this degree, students learn about the latest research in the field and have the opportunity to conduct a project in a research group at the University of Zurich (UZH) or at one of the affiliated Swiss research institutions. They can choose from a variety of theoretical, experimental, and empirical projects, and from a wide range of organisms and ecosystems, from microbes to tortoises and glacial streams to alpine meadows.


The MSc degree is part research (60 credit points), part taught (20 credit points), and part self study (10 credit points). The research part is performed as an independent MSc thesis, supervised by a MSc Supervisor.




All students with a suitable Bachelor's Degree (e.g., Biology), ideally including courses in ecology and evolution, and with good command of English can apply. Matriculated Biology bachelors at UZH can enrol without an application to the Central Admissions Office.


Important information on the organisation, enrollment, and requirements of the MSc Degree in Biology - Ecology can be found here: