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Studium Biologie Masterstudium

Master's minor degree programs

In addition to the major study program in Biology worth 90 ECTS credits, students in the master's program, which is worth 120 ECTS credits, may optionally pursue a minor study program worth 30 ECTS credits. Such a minor study program can build upon a minor study program pursued in the bachelor's degree, or it can be newly selected.

Generally, all study programs offered as minor study programs worth 30 ECTS credits at UZH (University of Zurich) are eligible for selection. Particularly, by combining a minor study program worth 60 ECTS credits in the bachelor's degree with the corresponding consecutive minor study program worth 30 ECTS credits in the master's degree, one can acquire the subject-specific prerequisites for obtaining a teaching diploma for secondary schools (Maturitätsschulen) in a second subject area.

It should be noted that the master's thesis in Biology requires one year (12 months) of full-time study. Any potential minor study program must be planned around this in consultation with the master coordinator. The specialized minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship can only be pursued after the completion of the master's thesis.


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