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Studium Biologie Bachelorstudium


The person in charge of a module (module coordinator) specifies the exam modality (exam type, dates, procedure of the review and the repeat examination and so forth) and is responsible for the final grading.

Details of assessments in the advanced studies modules are given in the course catalogue, on OLAT or are communicated by the teachers at the start of the module.

If you are unable to participate in an exam of the advanced studies due to illness, it is highly important to inform the module coordinator of the respective course. The module coordinator decides whether a failed module needs to be retaken as a whole (next year) or whether it is possible to repeat only the exam or assessments. For each module one second attempt (either resit the exam or retake the module) is possible. If a module is failed twice, another module of the same core elective group ("Wahlpflichtgruppe") can be chosen if available.


Details about consequences of failed attempts are specified in the Studienordnung of the Faculty of Science. If a core elective module ("Wahlpflichtmodul") is failed twice, students may substitute a different module of the same "Wahlpflichtgruppe" for the failed one again with two attempts. The substitution of elective modules (“Wahlmodule”) is unlimited.