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Studium Biologie Bachelorstudium


The schedule of the advanced studies curriculum allows to combine special lectures with up to four block courses per semester. The duration of a block course is either 3,5 weeks (6 ECTS) or 7 weeks (12 ECTS) and is hold on 3,5 days per week from Tuesday 1 p.m. to Friday 5 p.m. This allows the combination with special lectures, ETHZ concept courses or seminars which are scheduled on Monday whole day and Tuesday morning.

Advanced Studies shedule
block courses

Mon 8 a.m. - Tues 1 p.m.: special lectures, concept courses, seminars


Tues 1 p.m. - Fri 5 p.m.: block courses (3,5 weeks 6 ECTS or 7 weeks 12 ECTS) - up to 4 block courses per semester

Schedule Advanced Studies