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Studium Biologie Masterstudium

Completion MSc Biology

Completion of Studies MSc Biology

When submitting your master's thesis, you also upload the PDF to and provide the final title along with the supervisor's name. Then, you arrange the date of the BIO 520 exam with your supervisor and the master's coordinator of your specialization.

Once the BIO 520 exam has been successfully completed and all grades are visible in the system, you can correctly assign the modules in the "Study Progress and Completion" app (this is not done automatically) and apply for graduation. If you have also chosen a minor, you can only submit the graduation request once the minor has been fully completed.

The Biology Study Coordination and the Study Dean's Office will review the application, which may take 1-2 weeks. If anything is missing or unclear, you will be notified via email. Once the graduation has been processed and confirmed by the Study Dean's Office, you will receive a provisional confirmation. It may take some time to receive the official diploma.

Enrollment and Semester Fees: The date of the last exam (or submission) and the date of the graduation request are decisive. To graduate within the autumn semester, the last exam (or submission) must be completed before the start of the spring semester lectures (around mid-February). You then have until March 10th to apply for graduation. This applies similarly in the summer: Graduation in the spring semester is only possible if the last exam takes place before the start of the semester in mid-September, and the graduation request is submitted by October 10th. Please note that the administration does not make exceptions to these deadlines. If they are exceeded (even if, for example, grades arrive late), you will have to pay the full semester fees again because obtaining a degree also requires a service from the university.

Major/Minor Combination: It should be noted that you can only complete the program combination for which you are enrolled, and enrollment can only be changed in advance for the following semester. So, it is very important that you are correctly enrolled in the last semester; otherwise, you cannot graduate and will have to extend the semester (and pay tuition fees for it).