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Studium Biologie Masterstudium


What is the advantage of doing a Minor in the MSc?

Possible benefits of a Major - Minor combination could be to

  • gain additional competencies
  • improve specific skills
  • establish a personal profile
  • hold a second subject for the teaching diploma (only possible together with the BSc Minor)

Minor recommendations:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Applied Probability and Statistics
  • Data Analysis in Natural Sciences
  • BioMed Entrepreneurship (possible only after the Master's thesis, start in September)

Is part-time studying possible during the Master studies?

  • Courses and lectures are analogous to the BSc Advanced Studies in part-time possible (compulsory attendance in the block courses).
  • The Master's thesis takes always 12 months full-time. The execution of the Master's thesis in part-time is only in special circumstances, such as chronic illness or care obligations possible.
  • Take financial precaution if needed.
  • You are in the "World of Science" which means:
    • no general working hours or regulation of holidays
    • commitment depending the requirements of the project
    • your full commitment will be expected

Which Master concentration should I choose?

  • Skills are more important than the name of the degree. Which skills do you intend to train?
    • laboratory experience
    • field research experience
    • quantitative skills (computer / statistics / big data)
  • A committed Master thesis supervisor is as important as an interesting Master topic.
  • Graduated students of all Master concentrations show a broad variety of occupations after their studies. Having obtained a Master of Sciences in Biology degree is very valuable, whereas the chosen concentration is not decisive for the later career.