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Studium Biologie Masterstudium

Qualification Framework MSc

Students completing the Master of Science in Biology should be able to:

  1. describe and explain complex biological systems, especially – but not only – in the field of their chosen master.
  2. define the key concepts and methods used in the field of their chosen master, identify and explain interrelationships between them.
  3. extract, compile, critically analyse and judge the significance of data from the literature, thereby outlining the state-of the-art in a specific field.
  4. evaluate biological information, taking account of underlying scientific theories, concepts and practical aspects.
  5. identify the unsolved problems and key questions that exist within a specific biological field.
  6. formulate a scientific hypothesis; design and conduct experiments and/or field investigations to test it.
  7. devise appropriate experimental strategies to tackle particular biological problems, including the use of appropriate positive and negative controls; critically assess the advantages and drawbacks of a specific strategy.
  8. acquire, analyse and interpret data from independent scientific investigations qualitatively and/or quantitatively.
  9. undertake field and/or laboratory investigations of living systems in a competent, responsible and autonomous manner, applying ethical considerations.
  10. communicate results concisely and effectively in both written and oral forms to a scientific audience (reports, oral presentations, posters).