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Studium Biologie Masterstudium

Specialized Master's degree programme in Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences

MSc Coordinator of the Master in Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences

Prof. Dr. Shiva Tyagarajan (Tyagarajan *


Joint Master program with the ETH Zurich. The MSc IDB provides trans-disciplinary knowledge and skills covering the broad spectrum of neuroscience research, and prepares researchers for their first years of independent research in academia or industry. The program focuses particularly on laboratory practice. Interactive and collaborative learning is prevalent. The strong practical component of the program ensures that students become familiar with the wide range of measurement and working methods in neuroscience and apply a selection of these in depth in the Master's thesis project. This will be complemented by an internship in a company or clinic.
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Dr. Sophie Masneuf (sophie.masneuf *

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