Research internships "Wahlpflichtgruppe 2"

Research internships are only considered for the Bachelor's students.

The students work on a defined research project under an individual supervision of an advanced researcher. After the project is finished the students write their project report. It is an opportunity to gather insight into current theoretical and practical research.

In the advanced studies curriculum of the Bachelor's degree course, students must attend block courses for a total of 42 ECTS. Of these, a maximum of 12 ECTS may be replaced by one or two research internships (Forschungspraktika). Research internships are considered internal when they are supervised by a research group leader associated with the Faculty of Science (MNF), who is also supervising PhD students or Master’s projects of the MNF, and external otherwise.

Paid activities such as an assistant job or a practical course temporary employment will not be accredited with credit points.  

Internal research internships

Students should arrange internal research internships directly with a research group leader. Research internships cannot be booked. Once a student has completed their internship, the student's supervisor for the internship will notify the academic support office in writing of the grade achieved and the number of credits (4-12 ETCS - one credit each fulltime week - duration of an internal research internship 4-12 weeks) to be awarded. In case of a research internship in Biomedicine the duration is 6-12 weeks and the number of credits are correspondingly 6-12 ETCS.

External research internships

Research internships supervised by people outside the MNF must be approved in advance by both the person in charge of the module, and by the academic support office ( A maximum of  6 ECTS will be accredited. Further important information can be found on the information sheet.

Modules for research internships:

BIO249    Research Internship in Quantitative and System Biology
Konrad Basler, Damian Brunner, Urs Greber, Ueli Grossniklaus, Fritjof Helmchen, Lucas Pelkmans, Kentaro Shimizu, Andreas Wagner, Cyril Zipfel, Christoph Zollikofer, Christian von Mering, Bernd Bodenmiller, Anne Müller, Christof Aegerter, Rudolf Stoop, Akos Dobay
BIO259    Research Internship in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Konrad Basler, Damian Brunner, Darren Gilmour, Urs Greber, Ueli Grossniklaus, Alex Hajnal, Beat Keller, Christian F. Lehner, Stephan Neuhauss, Lucas Pelkmans, Francesca Peri, Esther Stoeckli, Christian von Mering, Michael Baudis, Bernd Bodenmiller, Magdalini Polymenidou, Mark D. Robinson, Martin Müller, Monica Zwicky, Daniel Bopp, Cyril Zipfel

BIO269    Research Internship in Paleontology
Hugo Bucher, Marcelo R. Sanchez, Christian Klug, Michael Hautmann, Torsten Scheyer, Elke Schneebeli

Research Internship Plant Sciences
Beat Keller, Ueli Grossniklaus, Cyril Zipfel, Kentaro Shimizu, Thomas Wicker, Christoph Ringli, Célia Jaeger-Baroux, Diana Santelia, Joop Vermeer, Rita Francisco, Anne Roulin, Julian Greenwood, Teresa Koller, Stefan Grob, Hannes Vogler, Sylvain Bischoff, Joëlle Schlaepfer

BIO316    Research Internship in Microbiology
Leo Eberl, Jakob Pernthaler, Thomas Posch, Gabriella Pessi, Kirsty Agnoli, Rolf Kümmerli
BIO356    Research Internship in Developmental Biology and Genetics
Konrad Basler, Damian Brunner, Ueli Grossniklaus, Alex Hajnal, Christian F. Lehner, Esther Stoeckli, Martin Müller, Monica Zwicky und weitere Dozierende der Entwicklungsbiologie und Genetik
BIO357    Research Internship in Ecology
Arpat Ozgul, Owen Petchey, Josh van Buskirk, Benedikt Schmidt, Wolf Blanckenhorn, Dennis Hansen, Lukas Keller, Kentaro Shimizu, Florian Schiestl, Florian Altermatt, Marcel van der Heijden, Katja Rasanen, Chris Robinson, Eva Knop 
Information sheet Internship in Ecology
BIO358    Research Internship in Behavioral Sciences
Marta Manser, Carsten Schradin, Anna K., Lindholm Krützen, Andreas Moser
BIO378    Research Internship in Evolutionary Biology and Systematics
Elena Conti, Hanna Kokko, Kentaro Shimizu, Andreas Wagner, Frédéric F. Guillaume, Stefan Karl Lüpold, Wolf Blanckenhorn, Michael Kessler, Reto Nyffeler, Peter Szövényi, Joseph Van Buskirk, Caroline Sonja Weckerle, Simon Aeschbacher, Léa Marie Frachon, Colin Edward Hughes, Rie Shimizu Inatsugi
BIO381    Research Internship in Immunology
Burkhard Becher, Christian Münz, Melanie Greter, Anne Müller, Maries van den Broek, Richard Chahwan, Nicole Joller, Wendy Wei-Lynn Wong, Christoph Berger, Burkhard Ludewig, Roberto Speck
BIO382    Research Internship in Virology
Cornel Fraefel, Urs Greber, Huldrych Günthard, Thierry Hennet, Michael O. Hottiger, Christian Münz, Alexandra Trkola, Christian von Mering, Benjamin Geoffrey Hale, Janine Reichenbach, Silke Stertz, Roger Kouyos, Karin Metzner, Nicolas Müller, Simone Bürgler
BIO383    Research Internship in Neurobiology
Stephan Neuhauss und Esther Stoeckli mit den Dozierenden der Neurobiologie
BIO550    Research Internship in Anthropology
Michael Krützen, Andrea Migliano, Christoph Zollikofer, Judith Burkart, Tony Weingrill, Erik Willems, Lucio Vinicius, Marcia Ponce de Leon, Hans-Konrad Schmutz
BIO761    Research Internship in Systematic Botany
Florian Schiestl, Elena Conti, Reto Nyffeleo
BIO780    Museum Internship
Frank Jakobus Rühli, Wolf Blanckenhorn, Christian Klug, Reto Nyffeler, Caroline Sonja Weckerle, Dennis Marinus Hansen, Paquita Emilia Alexandra Hoeck Maiorano, Isabel Klusman, Alexander Kocyan, Martina Schenkel
BIO783    Curatorial Internship in the Zurich Zoo
Cordula Galeffi, Lukas Keller, Samuel Furrer
BME 300    Research Internship in Biomedicine (6-12 Wo; 6-12 ECTS)
Wolfgang Berger, Max Gassmann, Thierry Hennet, Carsten Alexander Wagner, Roland H. Wenger, Arnold von Eckardstein, Lubor Borsig und weitere

Internships abroad / Exchange programs

Students should book the other lectures and internships (e.g. special lectures) for the advanced studies curriculum via the booking tool.